This video is a low resolution version of a documentary made by Abu Dhabi First (Al Oula) TV, which was first broadcast on the 10 June 2012. Since then, the programme has been syndicated and echoed throughout the Arab speaking nations of the Middle East region. Al Oula’s (translated) introduction to the programme is as follows:

“Colin Morris is our honoured guest contributor for “Windows on the East” to be broadcast on Abu Dhabi Al Oula TV on June 10 2012 18:00hrs (local time). A one hour weekly cultural documentary series in 13 episodes that recognises cultural figures from the West with close ties to the Middle East in general and the UAE in particular. Its aim is to characterise individuals in a variety of fields such as literature and the arts including: artists, museum design, translation, history and archaeology that have contributed to building cultural bridges between East and West.

Colin Morris is today one of the most important designers of art galleries and archaeological sites in the world. Since his career began more than three decades ago, his career has been guided by the hands of the other senior designers in Europe and America, led by British architect Peter Carter and art connoisseur and collector Lord Palumbo. Since his practice’s inception in London in 1987 Colin Morris has demonstrate a constant and continuous talent in design and refinement. He has continued this development with the integrated use of latest technologies in combination with past techniques such three-dimensional models. He has also been regularly commissioned for years with the most important museums in Britain, America, Europe and Russia as well as renowned art collectors in the art in the world such as George Ortiz and Nasser Khalili.”

Colin Morris interview