As part of our continued endeavour to develop and offer a more complete in-house service we have introduced key services that are integral to any project and which complement and integrate with our design element capabilities. These include Consultancy, Curatorial, Research and Interpretation, and Project Management.

These particular services have proven useful to various museums and galleries as well as other designers that often have specific requirements for professionals that understand and appreciate the complexities of art based projects. Although we utilise each of these disciplines in the majority of our projects, we continue to offer each individual service for projects where we are not directly involved in the design process.

The various images (to the right) display examples representative of the additional services we offer. The majority of those shown have been selected to present the diversity of the projects we have been involved with, as well as some of the tasks we have completed.

Consultancy Reception George Rickey Trinity Hospice McGraw Hill Consultancy Monument Bahrain Plan Roohi Generator St Stephens Walbrook
Vatican Floor Plan Vatican Mandylion Project Database Segment Poverty and Wealth Object Chronology Study Vatican Curation
Office Studies Monument Bahrain Multimedia Resources The British Library Analytical Studies Vatican Bibliography
Forest Without Leaves Installation Gleeds Cost Control Project Management McGraw Hill Kate at Desk Hili Project Organisational Graph Planning George Ortiz