Our design team has developed for the last two decades and now enjoys multi-disciplined capabilities, which allow us to undertake all or individual aspects of a project including: concept and executive design, as well as computer imaging, graphics, lighting and the mounting of objects. With these various fields of expertise we are well equipped to undertake the majority of project design elements in-house, thereby increasing efficiency and ensuring that the various design factors develop simultaneously in harmony.

In addition to our extensive knowledge of current and emerging technologies and the constant updating of our library documentation, we also have our own workshops which enable us to produce scale models and full scale mock-ups where necessary in order to test theories and the practicality of the various proposed solutions, thereby allowing us to be inventive as well as practical.

The various images (to the right) display examples representative of the services we offer. The majority of those shown have been selected to present the diversity of our projects and solutions, as well as the open minded approach we adopt to respond to each client's very individual requirements.

Vatican Pavilion 2000 Plan Vatican Pavilion 2000 Concept Vatican Pavilion 2000 Model Vatican Pavilion 2000 Model Vatican Pavilion 2000 Detail Vatican Pavilion 2000 Install
Zoroastrian Glass Etching Zoroastrian Tree Grove Wallpaper UAE Union Exhibition Wayfinder Forbidden City Masterpieces UAE Union Exhibition Poetry Zoroastrian Dakhma Collage
George Ortiz Royal Academy Islamic Embroidery Abu Dhabi Forbidden City Masterpieces Emirati Expressions Abu Dhabi Forbidden City Masterpieces History of the World Abu Dhabi
Glass Spheres Swatch Watch Display George Ortiz Review Art Institute Chicago British Museum Installation Amenhotep III Dual Level Display
16m Glass Display Case Yurt Interior Transport Museum Heritage Museum Arts of Islam Winnie the Pooh